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Lula and Alckmin take office today; understand the rite

Article 78 of the Federal Constitution determines that the president and the vice-president of the Republic take office in a ceremony in the National Congress. The solemn session to swear in Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and Geraldo Alckmin is scheduled to take place in the plenary of the Chamber of Deputies on January 1, 2023, starting at 3pm. Before that, both will take part in a procession that will start at the Ministries Esplanade, near the Metropolitan Cathedral of Brasília, and continue to the National Congress.

Part of the inauguration ceremony will take place outside the National Congress. On the lawn, the batteries responsible for the traditional gun salutes will be positioned. In front of the main building, before the ramp, the national flag will be raised and the president-elect will review the troops mobilized for the event. At the entrance to the ramp, Lula and Alckmin will be received by the presidents of the Senate, Rodrigo Pacheco, and the House of Representatives, Arthur Lira, and from there they will proceed inside the building through the main entrance.

Before heading to the plenary, the elected officials will be greeted by authorities in one of the most emblematic halls of the National Congress, the Black Hall. On the sides are located the noble halls of the House and Senate, where authorities will be waiting for the president and vice president-elect. To get to the plenary, Lula and Alckmin, already followed by authorities, will have to go through the Green Hall and the Blue Hall, where the inductees will be welcomed soon after the solemn session.

In case of rain, the entrance of the president and vice-president will take place through the White Hall, known as the chapelaria. The full itinerary of the ceremony can be accessed here.


One of the novelties of the 2023 inauguration ceremony is the use of QR codes on the invitations, ensuring that they are personal and non-transferable. By means of cell phones available at the ceremony’s location, the code reading will open an application with information about the guest.

Solemn session

The inauguration session is presided over by the president of the National Congress, a position held by the president of the Senate, Rodrigo Pacheco. The Bureau must also be composed of the president of the Republic and vice president-elect, the president of the House, the president of the Supreme Court (STF), the first secretary, and other authorities. After making the constitutional pledge provided for in article 78, Lula will be declared sworn in by Pacheco.

Once sworn in, the president and vice-president sign the instrument of investiture. Then, only Lula and Pacheco make speeches and the session is closed. After the inauguration, at the Planalto Palace, in the Plaza of the Three Powers, the president-elect receives the presidential sash and makes a speech. Finally, there will be a reception for heads of state and representatives of countries at the Itamaraty Palace.

*With information from the Senate Agency.